Antique Cool Fireplaces Explained

Cool Fireplaces Coventry

Cool Fireplaces – Andirons are used to store wood in the fireplace. American-made irons have developed a much different design direction since the 1600s because the abundant woodfuel here is almost completely lost in Britain. Solid wrought iron designs have been made in the US since the early days of colonization when fireplaces were used for cooking and heating. Because large wooden chips are burned for longer periods, the substantial design is required to hold these large blocks. Wrought iron is a process in which a piece of metal is heated to make it soft; Andiron is bent and hammered into shape, so the variations in a pair of hand andirons are forged fairly common.

Cast iron became the preferred material during the Industrial Revolution and continues to be popular today. Cast Iron is made of poured hot metal into the mold, enabling mass production Available in all imaginable styles, Victorians have a field day with mass cast iron production, which often uses a regional design & patriotic style to adorn the andron heavy enough to provide a year – even centuries – use with cool fireplaces wood burning. Again, Americana is so popular that we often see the design of combining soldiers, George Washington, hawks, ships, arrows, owls and more.

It’s easy to combine a pair of antique andirons into your home decor, even if you prefer the modern comforts of gas or electric fire. When using gas logs, it is often easy to shift the andiron shaft under grated wood. Similar to an electric fire, place a set of electric spindles or electric inserts into your andirons. Painting the inside cool fireplaces with high-temperature black paint will give you a better focus on your “flame” and look age to bring your eyes forward to your andirons.

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