Build Bookshelves Around Fireplace

White Bookshelves Around Fireplace

Bookcases and shelves are a great addition to all rooms, but will look even better in a room where they surround a fireplace. Shelves can be laid over a fireplace to hold just about anything, and bookshelves around fireplace can not only keep household books. But also small sculptures or other decorations. A shelf not only fireplace is something that adds a lot of functionality to any room. But it can also add to the decorative potential of the room. A shelf fireplace is perfect for viewing your knick nips or even for storing some of the items that you do not.

Bookshelves around fireplace are easy to build out of plywood. And the shelves are easy to hang with shelf brackets and an electronic stud finder. To do bookshelves around fireplace, one, measure the area around the fireplace. These to determine the length, width and height of the bookshelf. Two, use 3/4-inch plywood board to do parts of the bookshelf. Cut the pages of bookcase to height and length measurement from step 1, back to height and width, and top, bottom and shelves in the bookshelf to length and width. Create as many bookshelves as desired.

Three, assemble a rectangle with the sides, top and bottom pieces using trellis and nails. These to join the edges, add a nail every 2 inches. Four, put the trellis on the ends of the shelves and place them in the rectangle. Use nails to fasten the shelves. Five, attach back to the bookshelf. Apply wood glue to the sides, top, bottom and shelves, press back on other pieces, and place nails every 2 to 3 inches. Make sure to nail the backrest to the shelves to provide stability in the shelves. Last, stand on bookshelves next to the fireplace. And your bookshelves around fireplace were ready to use.

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