Building Round Fireplace

Unique Round Fireplace

Round fireplace make great use of space for storage and organization at home. Stone is one of the most solid and durable materials to meet a fireplace with and can be linked with many other materials to create the perfect fireplace built-in. Even pre-installed fireplace built-in INS is available, most people choose to customize their own built-in fireplace to guarantee satisfaction design. This round fireplace built-in design requires the fireplace to be close to a window or, preferably, in the center of two windows. The stone surround and the face of the fireplace reach the top of the roof. At each window, built-in stone seats can be placed, allowing extra blankets, pillows and other items to be stored inside the seating. This built-in idea also creates extra seating space in the room for entertaining.

Wood and stone fireplace Built-in

Long seat cushions and decorative pillows can be incorporated, if desired, for comfort and design accessories. A wood and stone built-in round fireplace design contains wood and stone to create an optimal place for organization and storage. The stone surround and face the fireplace when halfway up on the wall. Wood outlines and frames in the stove, and become the fireplace mantle. On both sides, install wood built-in INS that is symmetrical to the stove. The wooden built-in INS can be purchased in advance or can be built. A popular idea for this design is to make side wood built-in INS bookshelves, and make the bottom of each built-in closet for storage.

White wood and stone are often connected to create fireplace built-in INS, but can be customized to suit someone’s personal needs. Round fireplace design incorporates a whole wall in the space with white wood and stone to create a built-in surround the fireplace. The fireplace face and stone surround reach all the way up to the ceiling. The white finished wooden built-in INS sits on both sides of the stove, and also reaches the ceiling, giving plenty of shelves and storage space. Glass and wooden doors can hide stereo equipment and other electronics, or a hideaway TV. A TV swivel can also be installed to pull out the TV while in use and hide it when turned off. The boxes can be placed on any page to store CD and DVD.

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