Cedar Fireplace Mantel For Rustic Style

Stained Cedar Fireplace Mantel

Cedar Fireplace Mantel – The rustic look focuses on comfort and warmth. Rustic colors of green, red and brown are earthy, and one of the best places to create a stunning rustic display is in your fireplace. Since the idea of rustic decor is to bring a little of the exterior interiors, it makes sense to add elements of nature to the mantelpiece. By knowing how to decorate your fireplace, you can achieve a unique, rustic display.

Start with a focal point on the cedar fireplace mantel. This can be any object, but it has to be the biggest piece of design. A mirror adorned with cedar or birch bark is a good idea. Another idea that works well for a mantelpiece is a crown. The main idea is that it pulls all the other pieces of the design together. Stay within the color scheme of your room. Use colors that complement each other, such as beige cream with deep red and green tones or with yellow tones of brown and blue. A mantle is an object in your room and it should be similar to the one that belongs there.

Select the decorations of nature. One of the most charming ways to decorate a fireplace is to hang a wreath directly above it. Wreaths are a good option because they can be rotated out to match the changing seasons. There is no reason to be elaborated on the decoration of a crown, either. A simple pine crown centered on a cedar fireplace mantel is a perfect focal point. Another idea is to fill baskets with pineapples and acorns.

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