Comfortable And Harmonious Rustic Fireplace Mantels

Corner Rustic Fireplace Mantels

Rustic fireplace mantels – The best photos with ideas of rustic chimneys, one more element of the decoration that brings a comfortable and harmonious feeling to the stay. It seems that in recent years the fashion of having elements at home that are rustic style has returned. To be able to place a traditional rustic chimney at home it is important to have a considerable space for it and that allows leaving a distance with the elements in front to prevent them from heating up. In the event that you do not have that space but want to have a fireplace.

You can opt for more modern ones that can be placed in higher areas of the wall, instead of going to the ground. We start with a fireplace that is modern in design, but ends up being a completely rustic style thanks to that beautiful stone wall that surrounds it. So that you can find the fireplace of your dreams, we will show you in this article a variety of photographs that allow you to know the latest trends in the rustic style. The rustic fireplace mantels are usually characterized by their design, which is usually quite large, and because the main material with which they are built are stones or a combination of stones and wood.

Although many times the style of this type of chimney is also “vintage”, it must be said that many modern chimneys, or that are of a current design, also take rustic fireplace mantels as inspiration resulting in a “modern rustic ” that can be interesting for today’s homes. In addition, the type of the stone and the way in which it is placed says a lot about the environment that will be created in the room. Notice that it is authentic stone, clean but in which you can see the veins and the lines of it, which enhances the effect of the chimney.

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