Concrete Fireplace Surround Ideas

Elegant Concrete Fireplace Surround

Concrete fireplace surround the decorative area of ​​stone, wood, plaster or any other material just outside the fireplace — can break the look of your home hardening. If you’re thinking about a new look for your surround, you should know some things about the types and designs of each and how they differ. Tape the painter’s plastic cloth on the floor and any areas around the fireplace that should not be painted. Clean the stove — wood or brick — with a mixture of disodium phosphate and water. Scrub it with nylon and steel brushes and remove flaking color with a scrap and sandpaper.

For a concrete fireplace surround apply primer — oil or water — with a brush and a roll, after drying instructions. Fill in a makeover with an internal paint specially designed for wood or cement. Apply stuck cement, brick or even wood eat surrounds. To cover wood, attach felt paper, diamond rib and a base coat before applying stuck, premature or your own blend made of Type S mortar and sand. It should have the consistency of the pancake mix. Buy multiple colors of mortar or paint the brick after it has dried. Apply stuck mix with a mortar board and concrete filler, then put a pattern or leave it smooth.


Apply stick-on stone — artificial or natural — directly to brick or concrete with Portland cement. For concrete fireplace surround, first apply cement auxiliary board directly to wall rails with galvanized wood screws. When the stone — usually an inch thick and 3 to 8 inches in diameter — has been put and dried, fill the joints with type N mortar and a grouting bag. Tool the joints with a joint-stroke tool and sweep away with a hand broom. Clean all dried mortar with a damp sponge or scouring sponge. The fireplace in the living room can become the focal point of the interior. A fireplace in the living room is the perfect place to gather with family and friends on a cold winter night. To make the most of this aspect of your living room, use furniture and accent pieces in your furnishings.

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