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Contemporary Fireplace Ideas

Fireplaces have always been a symbol of comfort and safety. Even with the discovery of fire, human life has changed drastically. Contemporary fireplace architectural trends set fireplaces where they have never gone before. Hearths and mantles are designed to look so beautiful without the fire. Circular fireplaces since the first fireplaces, fireplaces have been the focus of a room. Circular fireplaces take this one step further and place the modern fireplace in the middle of the living room for 360 degree viewing. Depending on your living plan and taste, you can inspire it and find the right contemporary fireplace or the perfect fireplace for yourself.

Today the use of chimneys is taking more importance worldwide. Since these are not only fulfilling their functional use, but also decorative. Because they offer a sensational and very decorative touch to the house. In the market you can see different models of chimneys that offer the guest a spectacular fire. And at the same time a beautiful decoration, a clear example is the new range of contemporary fireplace that has been created by the Bloch Design company. These new chimneys work through bioethanol, wood or gas. So the user can choose the one that best suits their needs, tastes and income.

All the fireplaces have a double coating in their structure, which perfectly guarantees the quality in the heating, which offers a great variety of finishes that reach up to 3600 colors. Among the available finishes are brass, lacquered steel, bronze, stainless steel, titanium or glass, etc. These will give a chill and sensational touch to the chimneys. Meanwhile, why has the contemporary fireplace bioethanol become the true chimney of the 21st century? The latest additions to the world of chimneys have many advantages, and especially very few restrictions. Like any item in modern life, modern AFIRE bioethanol fireplaces by remote control are smart and can be installed virtually anywhere.

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