Different Ideas For Fireplace Hearth

Build Stone Fireplace Hearth

Fireplace hearth – We must start our list commenting on the bioethanol fireplaces. They are models that have represented a real leap in technology for chimneys. Its effect as we see in the images is also very decorative functional. It has several positive aspects but without doubts the first of them is that they do not need a system to evacuate the smoke.  Nor of a facility that is very complex. For modern design chimneys of this type can be located anywhere. Regardless of the architectural characteristics of the space for which they are intended. The bioethanol within its main advantages has the non-general smoke.

So it becomes a non-polluting agent. We will not have smoke problems and the consequent soot in our house. All combustion is totally clean however it is a fuel that requires higher production costs compared to traditional fuels. Traditionally wood has been the fuel of chimneys and this has not changed much over time. The combustion is done in a different way to the previous one. Within the classifications, a decision must be made between the soft and the hard. In the case of hardwoods for design fireplace hearth and heating the home are recommended. With them the fire is better maintained and therefore a stable temperature inside.

Oak, walnut, olive and others are located in this group. Technically, these woods have a higher calorific value and a combustion that lasts longer. Group composed of soft woods has a much more practical use at time of lighting fireplace hearth. They are woods that provide a smaller amount of heat unlike hard. However, its ability to reach combustion is faster. In those cases where it is necessary to heat a room quickly, it is better to use them always before hard ones. In same way there is a difference in terms of costs. Pine and fir are two classic examples that we can put as an example inside soft woods.

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