Distinctive French Country Fireplace Style

Brick French Country Fireplace

French country fireplace – If the intense cold in winter has you cornered inside your house, it’s time to install an outdoor fireplace. You can choose between different sizes, designs and capacities, and you can be sure that it is an excellent investment. An outdoor fireplace is ideal to enjoy your patio, and have a great party again, without running the risk of freezing. A large fireplace will radiate privacy and comfort to the people around it. You can place sofas or comfortable chairs with soft cushions, nearby, where you can sit and enjoy the warmth of the burning fire.

The fireplaces can also serve as an excellent outdoor kitchen .You can use it for a barbecue and prepare a delicious smoked meal such as smoked chicken, fish and vegetables or roast marshmallows. You can also cook the bread over the flames to make it crispy and delicious. Modern fireplaces are often used as space separators, in fact it has become increasingly common to separate rooms without walls . The french country fireplace can be configured in the center of a room, creating a space that can be used for a different purpose. You can also build on the outside wall of a room that faces the backyard or the deck.

And turn it into a double-sided fireplace that can be enjoyed both outdoors and indoors. Building an outdoor french country fireplace by itself would be time consuming and requires a lot of patience. First you need the right place to build it, and then start construction. First, you will have to excavate the area and then pour the foundations into it. The next steps are, build the base and the combustion chamber. Once you have finished with the combustion chamber, you must go ahead with the shaft that connects the combustion chamber to the smoke outlet, and finally create the stone walls around it to give it a proper shape.

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