DIY Stone Fireplace Mantels

Photos Of Stone Fireplace Mantels

Stone Fireplace Mantels – Ideally, the fireplace and fireplace system you should complete your home design as a coat often becomes the main focal point of a room, if not the whole house. We like to think of a fireplace as a three-sided photo frame and a brick, stone or tile overlooking a fireplace that surrounds the opening of a fireplace can be thought of as a mat inside the frame. Over the last 30 years, fireplaces are generally built with simple brick facades (facing) and there may not be a fireplace or, if there is a shelf, there may be a simple shelf frame or a coat rack that needs a makeover.

Stone fireplace mantels like this let you get started with a clean one to design the look you like and that match your home decor. When considering changing or upgrading your shelves, we suggest you also see updating the fireplace facing, as well. As most fireplace images show, wooden mantels enclosing wood-burning fireplaces usually have non-flammable surfaces (eg tiles, bricks, rocks, marble or granite) that complement the aesthetic design as well as the safety viewpoint. Most damaged, peeling, stained, obsolete or invisible fireplaces can be easily removed or covered with something more interesting and when coordinated with a new fireplace you can really design your space.

Code stone fireplace mantels vary greatly throughout the country but most require five to six inches or more of non-combustible surfaces between the opening of wood burning boxes and wooden coat legs and the code usually calls for ten to twelve inches of non-flammable facing. Between the top of the fireplace opening which burns the wood and the bottom of the wood hearth furnace? In addition to facing the wall around the fireplace opening, the wood-burning fireplace requires a non-flammable fireplace that extends out 18 to 20 inches from the fireplace and 8 inches or more to either side of the fireplace opening. Always check local building codes for minimum leeway.

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