Easy Fireplace Refacing Makeovers

Fireplace Refacing Designs

Fireplace Refacing – Usually if a room has a fireplace in it which is the focal point of the room. So if the fireplace has seen better days and looks a little shabby then it drags the whole tone and aesthetic appeal of the room. For that reason alone, repairing existing fireplaces can make a big difference. Here are some more popular options if you are considering a fireplace overhaul. Glass Tiles, refacing fireplaces with glass tiles are a time-consuming and elaborate project that is best left to professional tiles but the end result can be truly amazing.

In this article, we will provide information about fireplace refacing. The colors and light that bounce off the fire will make your fireplace the center of the stunning room once again. Slate, slate tiles are a great way to restore or add a traditional rural look to your fireplace that has an old-world charm that is hard to beat. You can choose whether or not to have your tile installer leave a grout line between each tile or he can put slate with no grout for a smoother surface to give a smoother appearance. A gifted woodcarver can make a special wood fireplace for your fireplace that can almost turn it into useful furniture and heat sources.

Having fireplace refacing painted is the most economical way to give it a facelift and can be a great last-minute decor saver before the guests arrive for the holidays. If you are going to try it for yourself rather than renting a pro, make sure that the paint you buy is suitable for use on stone and the fireplace is clean and as dust and debris as free as possible before you start. For the best (and fastest) result, though hiring a good local painter to do the work for you.

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