Enjoying The Advantages Of Fireplace Facelift

Fireplace Facelift And Flower

Fireplace facelift – In this article we will deal with relevant aspects about efficiency in its operation and consumption, decreasing some of the traditional inconveniences such as smoke, and making possible savings in consumption, while increasing the conditioning of the house during the winter months. The first decision we have to make when installing a chimney is whether we want it open or closed. Even though open fireplaces are one of the most esteemed and traditional elements of the home. They are not the most demanded nowadays due to the discomfort of smoke, the danger of fire and their low heat efficiency.

On the contrary, closed chimneys are the ones that are being installed the most. In addition, the glass that they mount makes possible a greater control of the fire, optimizing its combustion and improving the thermal performance. This type of fireplaces, in addition to enjoying the advantages of fireplace facelift, such as enjoying the spectacle of dancing and wiggles experienced by the flames when burning wood, provide other, much more interesting advantages. From the point of view of efficiency, a clean combustion is obtained, without odors, without fumes and, above all, efficient, since being able to control the air intake.

The speed of the combustion is drastically reduced and, therefore, the consumption of firewood. Regardless of whether it has one or two sheets, two types of fireplace facelift are manufactured. There are several reasons as possible causes of this. On the one hand, it could be an obstruction in the flue of the chimney due to the accumulation of soot or, even, due to the existence of some bird’s nest. In these cases, the solution would go through a thorough cleaning of the conduit. Another reason could be that the smoke outlet is insufficient, that is, too narrow for the amount of smoke generated by the chimney.

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