Find Different Types Of Shelves Around Fireplace

Black Shelves Around Fireplace

Shelves around fireplace – In the market you can find different types of chimney, the most common of which is firewood, which can be made of cast iron or gas, electric, or the most innovative ones: bioethanol, if you do not with one of work. The wood and the gas need a vent and require more maintenance than the electric or bioethanol , which are cleaner, but can be equally attractive. If you have decided to put a fireplace in your living room or want to get the most out of what you have, your decoration should be one of your priority objectives.

Another option to highlight is to put a coating that contrasts with the color of the walls such as marble, granite, stone, wood or brick, which will give a feeling of greater warmth. But much better than this coating goes up to the ceiling. The sofa and the armchairs should be distributed in front of the shelves around fireplace, either in L or one in front of the others, according to the space with which you count. It is the ideal place to place a coffee table to enjoy a moment of relaxation with family and friends . Help yourself to a large carpet to achieve greater comfort in that space.

Above the fireplace he places the television to have a single focal point. If it is not possible to place it on top, create two environments with the sofa in front of the fireplace and the armchairs in front of the television. In this case above the fireplace you can put a mirror or a large painting. Finally, a bookstore on both sides of the shelves around fireplace will be the definitive note to highlight and dazzle with your living room. It should be in keeping with the decorative style you have. To make the fireplace stand out from the rest of the living room elements , paint the wall where it is in a different color from the others.

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