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Fireplace construction – If you do not want to get cold this winter, decide and build your fireplace in the living room.  A chimney is a system used to evacuate hot gases to the atmosphere and as a general rule they are completely vertical. The construction of a chimney on a base that you have to burn wood or charcoal should be done with great care because to handle fire, high temperatures and smoke is a measured risk that is run to have, not only an artifact that heat, but a nice place to share and to allow the entrance of Santa Claus at Christmas.

The invention of the chimney dates, according to some of the first century of the Christian era. It has not been seen in any pictorial representation of Pompeii or any construction that resembles it. Models such as those we know today appear in the twelfth century. Before the smoke from the homes came out of the windows and then through a hole that opened in the ceiling, giving the ash color to all the constructions inside in the rooms in which fireplace construction was made. The chimneys are, so to speak, a fairly recent invention in the history of mankind.

From the twelfth century it has been refined with contributions from physicists who worked on this idea of ​​taking out the direct smoke through a construction made and calculated for that purpose. Before starting the project for the chimney look in the official organisms of your locality the requirements of fireplace construction, which are made to prevent fires, damages to people and houses. It is essential that you are well aware of the rules that regulate this construction. First locate where you want to install it, preferably on an exterior wall to make it easier and convenient to build it.

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