Fireplace Chimney Ideas

Balcony Fireplace Chimney

Fireplace chimney is a good complement to all houses, as they produce a one-of-a-kind environment. Proper fireplace and chimney construction is crucial to avoid smoke and carbon monoxide building in the home. Fires burning within the controlled run of a fireplace are much more difficult to control than outdoor fires. Correct chimney design is important, so the smoke goes where it is supposed to. When constructing a chimney for a fireplace, the chimney must be the right height. If the chimney is too low, the smoke from the fire will be pressed down by prevailing winds. If it’s too high, the smoke will never make it out of the chimney.


When building a fireplace chimney, pay attention to building codes and materials used. Houses can burn down from defective chimney construction, so a professional should be consulted before construction begins. New homes are built in such a way that they are significantly denser than older homes. This will be a problem in the construction of a fireplace. Fires need air to burn properly, and if your home is airtight, you may need to build a chimney that sucks needed the air down to the fire. Gas stoves are much easier to build than wood-burning fireplaces. This is because the gas makes the fire burn in a much more controlled and uniform manner.

Brick Chimney Caps

A variety of masonry materials, including bricks, concrete, bricks, concrete blocks and stones can be used in the construction of chimneys. For these types of fireplace chimney, using either a standard cap. If there is a problem with airflow, a draft-increasing lid or a combination lid and damper. Install a regular mesh with a screen to bump off birds and small animals. A draft raising cap is used to create a stronger updraft within a chimney to expel smoke. A combination lid and damper are designed sealing out external elements while sealing in heat or air conditioning. Different types of chimney shields are available for stove chimneys, depending on whether the chimney is brick or masonry or metal. Especially crafted caps are designed to increase or stop airflow. Which type you choose is attached to your needs.

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