Fireplace Mantel Height Ideas

Wood Fireplace Mantel Height

Fireplace mantel height is too expensive to remove or too cozy to give up. Either way, you have to do something with it, so it complements the rest of the room. A deep corner shelf allows you to place large objects on a cloak that would not fit on a straight, shallow shelf. And the angle can lead to some eye-catching design solutions. A section of turned table legs or handrails, scaled and turned into a large candlestick, is the perfect base for a beeswax pillar light; Use a glass of chimney if you light it next to the living room. A slate corner jacket stands out in the fall with a fat pumpkin in the middle and a scatter of colored leaf drives on either side.

Rustic Decor

A walled fireplace mantel height in a corner can be a design plus, not a challenge, if you treat the whole corner as a sculpture. The mantle is either slate or wood — and if it needs to be replaced, goes for barn wood to emphasize the character. Then place several carefully curator objects on the mantle. A little found the estate with blown out the pheasant egg is quite — lean it to show the eggs inside. But a living as you do from a circle of vines is even better. Place a drained, rinsed and dried ostrich egg yolk and you have a conversation piece.


It’s tricky to place a mirror over a corner fireplace mantel height. In a room with structured painted walls, an antique mirror that sits the catty corner on top of the mantle works well. It is important to pay attention to the proportion of the mirror — too small and it looks pitiful; too big and it looks shoehorned in space. Another approach that works with period or modern corner fireplaces is to collect a random selection of interesting mirrors, all or some of them without frame, and hang them on the corner walls at right angles to each other. This makes for lively reflexes and a single long sculpture or an unusual lamp centered on the mantle or hung as a corner pendant turning the whole stove into a gallery piece.

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