Floating Fireplace: Heat With A Lot Of Style

Build Floating Fireplace

Floating fireplace – In today’s book of ideas, we share with you chimneys of modern and very original design. With the arrival of winter, the evenings in front of the fireplace, drinking some liquor or hot drink, become daily. These magical moments by the fire have a lot of romantic and evocative and that is why in the coldest times, we all turn to the chimneys in search, not only of heat, but of that pleasant feeling, of turning our house into a shelter from the freezing temperatures. Of course, the traditional marble fireplace or the wrought iron stove of earlier times is not for everyone.

If we have a house of modern or minimalist imprint and we are more attracted by avant-garde pieces than by the more traditional ones, then these chimneys and stoves are the perfect solution. Join us! This floating fireplace with minimalist imprint is the perfect solution to divide the dining room of the living room in this freed floor and to enjoy the view of the louvers, from either of the two environments. The rustic does not have to be baroque or too loaded. It is enough that it reflects the spirit of nature. And for that, wood is the best ally. In this great room, entirely built in wood, a modern fireplace is the center of gravity of the room.

The fireplace has been covered by wooden planks, so that it is integrated into the structure of the house. And the furniture, in light colors, accompanies the aesthetics of the environment, as well as the large coffee table. A minimalist lounge, with straight lines, with large glass panels, presents a set of white furniture, as white as the wall on the side. And there, combining with the lower module, a modern home designed descontractura the scene. The black tone takes prominence to the light tones, but the looks converge on the modern design, with a grid that seems suspended in the air, and with a bell that seems to absorb floating fireplace.

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