From Simple To Fantastic Example Porch Fireplace

Brick Porch Fireplace

Porch fireplace – If it is what I say, you have to return to the routine little by little, without pressure, that there are still many moments of relaxation to enjoy on the terrace or the garden. And if we organize it well, outdoor evenings can be extended well into the autumn if we have the right accessories, such as a good outdoor fireplace. Here are some ideas for outdoor fireplaces, perfect for lighting and heating the room when it starts to cool. I love the Bulb fireplace, which, without any connection, can be changed in a matter of minutes.

Place it on your terrace during an evening with friends or by the pool on a magical night under the stars and you will become the protagonist of your outdoor space immediately. Powered with bioethanol, a renewable energy source, Bulb provides clean combustion and generates heat, light and environment without odors or sparks. Whether floor or table, this type of chimney, in addition to being a decorative element of the first order, are prepared for all types of porch fireplace. If you decide on a floor chimney, you will not have to keep it when the winter comes, since it resists very low temperatures, even frosts and water do not affect it.

You will only have to remove the combustion material and protect it with a plastic, if you think it is necessary. If you do not have much space, the table fireplaces are fantastic. The table model is called Mix Fire Bowls, a small modern and simple porch fireplace to give life to any outdoor environment. Functional and resistant, it works with bioethanol burners. For those of you who have the immense luck of having a garden, with this type of chimney, you will convert your outer space into a fantastic, almost magical, corner. Without any installation, this fireplace provides an incomparable flame and lighting for more than 8 hours.

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