Gas Fireplace Ideas That You’ll Love

Elegant Gas Fireplace Ideas

Gas fireplace ideas – The dimensions that we are giving you of the combustion chamber, which is where you place the combustible material, are for reference, but the proportions between them are valid. The width at floor level of 1.40mt and the depth of 0.80mt. The height between the floor and the mantel of the 1.15mt fireplace. Taking into account a separation between floor base and base of the chimney 0.25mt plus 0.05mt of the base itself, this is the place where you will place the material with which to make the fire. These last two measures are between the 1.15mt high already mentioned.

If you build gas fireplace ideas you should buy: bricks, cement, sand, chopped stone and structural mesh for the base, covering material (frieze or masonry), support bars, protective sheets, polyurethane or silicone, lid, the metallic conduit (if you are not going to build it with bricks) and exterior painting and have the necessary tools: shovel, wheelbarrow, spatula, level, ropes to fix the levels, ladder. Prepare a mixture of mortar, cement and water, thick consistency. Use a spatula to apply the mortar on each brick before fixing them.

Apply a sufficient amount that overflows a little through the joints to ensure that the entire area between the bricks is filled with mortar. Prepare the level and make sure that each row of bricks placed is perfectly leveled. This you must do both horizontally and vertically so that your construction is well done. Verify that the bricks are aligned with each other. The fireplace itself or the vertical conduit through which the smoke will come out can also be built of gas fireplace ideas that you cover with bricks later. This conduit connects the upper part of the combustion chamber with the roof through the center of the chimney.

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