Homely Brick Veneer Fireplace

Brick Veneer Fireplace And TV

Brick veneer fireplace – it is one of those cozy homely features that many people covet. But if the one at home does not reflect his taste and decoration, it may seem more like a monstrosity than a desirable architectural feature. Fortunately, with a little creative thinking, a fire environment can become a dazzling focal point, not to mention that it is recordable. So, whether you’re looking to unlock the elegant potential of your existing brick or contemplate renovating a brick fireplace, the following examples … MORE will inspire you. If you like the look of the old distressed bricks found in centuries-old European houses, consider giving your fireplace the German smear treatment.

It is a false antiquity technique that uses wet mortar to give the brick a large dose of old world charm.  You do not have to paint your existing brick to brighten things up. In this traditional living room by Andrew Flesher Interiors, a complete wraparound white tablecloth updates an old brick veneer fireplace. Black paint transformed the non-working fireplace into this centennial Victorian house remodeled by Lynn Kleonidas in a show -pping function. To take full advantage of the spectacular high ceilings of the living room, the mantelpiece is topped by a framed gold mirror.

Some combinations are perfection, such as peanuts and gelatin, or in this, for example, blue and white paint. Wood fireplaces are a classic but even the most traditional elements are reinvented to fit within modern designs, minimalist and any other style and trend. Without losing your idiosyncrasy you will find in the market a multitude of proposals suitable for all kinds of scenarios. This chimney of minimalist design fulfills its role to the perfection throwing all the heat that is expected of her, without neglecting its aesthetic contribution to the set. And in your house, which of these designer brick veneer fireplace would you like to have?

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