How To Change Cultured Stone Fireplace

Elegant Cultured Stone Fireplace

Cultured stone fireplace can changing the appearance of a stove is often necessary to give a home a more modern look. The task is time consuming, but the end result is a custom fireplace that can raise the value of your home. The type of stone that you use to build your fireplace can change the construction method slightly since not all the stones fit the same way. Use a hammer to break up larger stones into small pieces to use as filler in between stones that do not fit well. Start on top of the fireplace to avoid mortar dripping to already apply stones. The first stones should be applied in a corner, proceed outwards.


Cover the original cultured stone fireplace design with a plywood frame. Take accurate measurements of your existing fireplace and create a frame that is level with stone construction. Build a framework to support your new stone construction. When building this frame it is important to remember the width of the stones you are using (the sidewalk does not require as wide a frame as grown stones). Use a staple gun to cover the frame with a water resistant barrier such as waterproof paper. Install a metal diamond mesh ribbon to serve as a base for your mortar application. Attach it over the entire surface of your frame using a galvanized nail.

Create a template by placing stones in its intended pattern in front of the cultured stone fireplace. Building a template allows you to be sure that the rocks vary in color, size and shape throughout the fireplace. To get all the stones to fit, you may need to cut or chip some of them with a circular saw or hammer. Mix the mortar until it has the same consistency as the cookie. Add water slowly until you can get the correct texture and then use the same formula for each batch of mortar you make. Apply ½ inch of mortar to ribs in small working sections (enough to apply two or three stones) using a flap.

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