How To Install Driftwood Fireplace Mantel

Driftwood Fireplace Mantel Surround

Driftwood Fireplace Mantel – A bare fireplace wall lacks the decorative touch that makes a fireplace in the center of the room. A mantelpiece can adorn and frame the fireplace, turning your home into the focal point of the room. Shelf shelves come in a wide range of sizes and styles. Select one that suits your space in the style that you like the most. Most come with a bracket or bracket, in the wood. Hang the ledge; fill it with treasured family memories. The fireplace will have a new appeal in less than a few hours. Get these steps to get it done!

First, determine the height and position of the driftwood fireplace mantel. Determine where the supports that will support the platform are hung. Make a mark with a pencil where the holes for hanging the brackets will be drilled. Shelf shelves in the fireplace should be at least as wide as the fireplace and the surround sound. Install the shelf so that the bottom of the brackets is six inches above the fireplace. Draw marks a line of light pencil through the pencil. They maintain a level even with the line to make sure that the platform will even be. Drill holes through the pencil marks with a drill. Use a bit for masonry for brick or cement walls.

Insert a wall anchor into the hole. The anchor will prevent the screws from disassembling the hole while supporting the weight of the driftwood fireplace mantel platform. Choose an anchor that can support the weight of your fireplace rack. Classification of weight will be indicated on the anchor packaging. Find the holes in the front of the supports and place on top of the anchors. Insert screws through the holes in the brackets at the front and at the anchors. Fix the brackets in place. Repeat for all screw holes. Place the mantel over the supports. Set your level on the top of the shelf to make sure the shelf is evenly. Drill a screw from the top of the mantel down the brackets. Fix the shelf on the supports.

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