How To Operate Modern Gas Fireplace

Modern Gas Fireplace With Orange Wall

Modern gas fireplace over the traditional wood burning stove for many reasons. With gas, nobody is buying and storing, or messy ashes to clear out. There is less smell from smoke and requires less chimney service. Many gas chambers will run even when electricity is out, making it a nice addition or replacement for electric heating as well. There are many types of gas cookers to choose from. Some drive on propane while others use natural gas. They are available in many styles to suit all the decorations. Turn on the device, Locate the on / off switch. The location will vary depending on the model.


Turn the stove on to allow the modern gas fireplace to flow to the burner. Locate the lamp on the steering wheel. This may be a setting for the most important temperature riser or it may be inside the glass doors near the floor or walls of the unit. Turn the steering wheel to “pilot”. Turn on the light. After setting the steering wheel to the “pilot” setting, press the steering wheel or the button for three to six seconds and then place a lighted ignition plug near the pilot light opening. This is usually a depression or small hole near the center of the forehead under the logs.

Tips and warning

Wait until the signal light to catch. If it does not catch within seconds, turn off the device, wait a few minutes for accumulated gas to divert and try again. Set the temperature and place. When the light is on, you can adjust the temperature dial to the most comfortable setting. Some pilot lights are below the bottom trim or grille of the device. Some modern gas fireplace chambers are hooked up on wall controls, thermostats or use remote controls to work. See operating instructions. If you smell gas and suspect a leak, call your local gas company at once.

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