How To Tile Marble Fireplace

Traditional Marble Fireplace

Marble fireplace can change or update the appearance of a room by rebuilding your fireplace surround. You can change the appearance of a fireplace in the marble surround by applying tiles over existing marble. Run a dry store vacuum to remove all dirt from the marble fireplace and surrounding areas. Place a piece of plastic film on the floor around the marble fireplace work area. Place washers on plastic to create a dry run, or design mock-up. The dry run allows you to choose the desired pattern or shape of the tiles before sticking them to the fireplace. See the instructions on the bag for the water blend ratio.


Start with a small amount of mixed thinnest, just enough to use within an hour. Dip filler in the THINS mix, and pour out a morsel full. Spread a 1/4 inch thick layer of thins over marble fireplace, beginning in the middle of the fireplace and below the line you set as your level point. Use the slotted end of the flap to dance the thinnest layer. Press the first plate into place on the layer of the Thinnest and give it a wick to tie it to the thinnest. Cut some plates that need to cut to fit inside the marble fireplace with a wet saw.

Place the tile spacer evenly around the sides of the plate. Allow marble fireplace THIN dry in the night. Remove all tile distances between tiles. Mix tiles in a large container according to the instructions given. Fill the bag three quarters of the way full with the mixed grout.  Wipe the excess binder away in the face of the plates with a dampened sponge. Allow grouting to dry for 24 hours. Use a dry cloth to wipe off all grouting haze. Use a brush to apply a thin layer of grout sealer as instructed by the manufacturer. Wait up to 48 hours for grout sealer to dry.

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