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Fireplace door handles – The chimneys are an element, not only decorative, but also functional that does not go out of fashion, precisely for this last reason. Due to the innovation that this sector has experienced and continues to do, with the incorporation of new types of fuels, they make possible its installation not only in houses and single-family homes, but also in flats. Sometimes, more often than is desirable, we can find ourselves with the uncomfortable situation that our chimney did not evacuate the smoke sufficiently, producing the plaster of the same, entering the interior of the house.

One of the possible solutions would be to install an insert or cassette. It would be a good solution as long as it is to be installed in chimneys that have not yet been built, since in order for it to be well, the chimney must be built around it. Therefore, the ideal solution for existing fireplaces happens, as we say, by the installation of doors made to measure, for example the fireplace door handles, since its installation is done without work and the chimney is hermetic. This type of doors, are marketed with one or two leaves as well as corners, adapting, in this way, to most types of existing chimneys.

It could also be a construction defect caused by an excessive inclination of the chimney draft. The tube should be as vertical as possible and never with inclinations greater than 45º. Even in the case of chimneys with cassettes or doors, it could be a defective seal or, even, a faulty coupling due to an erroneous measurement. The easiest way to eliminate or reduce this problem is to install custom doors for chimneys. These fireplace door handles are designed and manufactured specifically for this use, sealing tightly the entire front of the chimney, and forcing the exit of the smoke only by the draft.

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