Install Stone Veneer For Fireplace Facing

Stone Fireplace Facing

Fireplace facing – A manufactured stone fireplace allows you to have the look and feel of a stone fireplace minus heavy weight and support necessary for a fireplace with the right stone. Since cultivated stone weighs less than 15 pounds per square meter, it is a good choice for facing a fireplace. If you have do-it-yourself experience, you can install a stone veneer fireplace in your home. The hardest part of the task can choose the style and color of the stone. install stone veneer for fireplace facing, cover the fireplace with a layer of builder’s blanket. Secure the fabric horizontally with staples. Begin at the bottom of the fireplace and work your way up. Let a 2-inch lap on make the blanket.

Then to install stone veneer for fireplace facing, fixed metal mortar ribs over builder knew to use staples. Place ribs so the cups are facing upwards. You can determine this orientation by driving your hand up the rib. If it is correct, the surface should feel smooth. If not, the surface will feel stretched. Mix veneer mortar until it is the consequence of creamy peanut butter. Spread a half-inch layer of veneer mortar over the rib, which means you completely cover the rib. Smooth the brick with a toothpick. Allow the mortar in this scratch coat to dry overnight.

Ideas install stone veneer for fireplace facing, lay out the stone tabs design on a piece of cloth. Allow width one finger s between each stone. To install the stone, start with the top of the fireplace opening and then make the sides of the opening. Grades back edges that need cutting with a grinding machine. Tap carefully on the stone with a hammer to make a clean break. Mix more mortar. Sprinkle the back of the first stone with water. Butter put your back with mortar and then the stone in place. Fill a mortar bag with mortar mixed to consistency of pudding. Begin at the top of the fireplace; pipe the mortar between the rocks.

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