Installing Fireplace Side Cabinets

Fireplace Side Cabinets And Full Decor

Fireplace side cabinets requires designing the fireplace as the center of the room. Keep in mind that the room must be designed around the fireplace, not the opposite. The location of furniture should pay attention to the fireplace area. All colors and materials used in the room in the form of stone, natural materials, wood and fabrics should complement each other. Use materials in a way that creates a warm and inviting feeling, so the room will have a lot of use. Measure the room and get a whole house layout. Plan the stove wall according to the weight of masonry on the floor.


Do not add ground stones or stacked stones that will build on wooden beams. Planning to build a solid masonry foundation for tempered space, if you put the fireplace side cabinets to an existing room. Make sure the chimney leaves the ceiling to look properly spaced with all the ceiling lines. Calculate how much wall space to use and if you want the stove to have a stone or brick wall that covers an entire end of a room and / or bookshelves on either side of the fireplace. Draw all the furniture, doors and windows to determine how big the actual stove will be. Create the fireplace design based on ceiling height, too. Build a higher facade of brick or stone turning into space, if the roof is bent, for example.

Select a fireplace type. Planning to build fireplace side cabinets to burn wood, gel fuel or gas logs. Be sure to install bricks that can withstand high temperatures in the fireplace for a wood burning stove. Install glass doors over the fireplace that can be closed when small children are nearby, even if the fireplace is a simple electrical device. Keep in mind that each fireplace is a fire hazard at all times. Design the fireplace wall as the center wall. Plan the colors and accessories on the stove wall to protrude. Install a collection of bells over the mantle or paint the bare wall above the mantle a bright color. Do not design other walls in the room to compete with this wall, so paint them a neutral color or add wood tongue and note boards, for example.

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