Look Beautiful Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Mantel

Antique Reclaimed Wood Fireplace Mantel

Reclaimed wood fireplace mantel – The wood fireplaces correspond to the most classic models of fireplaces, are composed of a special structure capable of withstanding the heat and with a duct that allows the smoke of the consumed firewood to rise so that the environment inside the house stays perfectly warm and you can stand the cold days. Dare to redecorate your wood burning fireplace, whether in vintage style, classic style or modern style, each season you can reinvent your home and create the most harmonious environments around this important space as is the fireplace. Another very good way to decorate the chimneys is by placing a large mirror on top.

The mirror manages to generate an incredible visual effect, since the mirror reproduces the light that emanates from the chimney illuminating the place better, the ideal is to place the mirror with a small degree of inclination towards the front, in such a way that it manages to capture a large part of light and serve as an excellent conductor of this, so that the place maintains a lighting as warm as its temperature. And when summer comes and you do not need to light reclaimed wood fireplace mantel, it is when you can awaken your creativity to decorate this space.

You can fill it with pots with flowers, you can place chandeliers of different sizes and turn them on at night to create a romantic atmosphere, you can also leave some logs and accompany them with decorative objects such as vases, paintings, sculptures, you can place books in your interior as a small library, among many more options according to the own objects that you have at home. Well basically in this style of free decoration you do not have to buy anything new, but you can try with decorative elements that you already have in the home, simply change them and place them inside the reclaimed wood fireplace mantel and you will see how even in summer ,They will look beautiful.

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