Look Fancy Granite Fireplace

Build Granite Fireplace

Granite fireplace – Not everyone can enjoy a fireplace. Although it seems obvious, first you have to have enough space to build the fireplace and the exit of the smoke. That is, most of the floors are discarded. Only large farms and rural houses can – for these practical reasons – afford a fireplace. But if you are lucky enough to have one, you must take advantage of it being a key factor in the design of the home. Therefore, more than a hole where to put the logs, you can bet on various designs ranging from avant-garde and minimalist to rustic or classic.

So that in addition to taking advantage of the heat of the fire, we also have a nice decorative accessory for the living room or the bedroom. An innovative idea within the universe of modern chimneys. Unlike others of its kind, this granite fireplace is completely covered in white, a breakthrough concept with traditional lines. But the most striking is its structure with two openings on the sides, which can be covered with glass panels to prevent the fall of ashes and embers. Thus, as if it were a fish tank, the fire becomes a dynamic painting in the decoration of the house.

And where do the fumes come from? Discreetly, this model has the exit attached to the wall, to prevent the duct from protruding from the structure. As if it were a flying saucer, this stainless steel chimney hangs down the conduit that descends from the wall, until it sits a few centimeters above the ground. Its structure, open on the sides, allows fire to radiate in all directions. And while someone may think that their location cuts a little step, the idea is that the granite fireplace works like a roundabout in the house, that the occupants can sit in a semi circle around it, to enjoy the heat on winter days.

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