Luxury Fireplaces Decoration Tips

Luxury Fireplaces Style

Luxury fireplaces can be tricky to decorate. Usually, the wall above the fireplace becomes the focal point of the fireplace decoration. With corner chimneys, however, there is no flat wall on which to mount a mirror or piece of art. On the other hand, the extra space on the mantel of a wall fireplace lends itself to more creative decorating techniques. Corner fireplaces can feel a little short and squat. Give the fireplace more impact when extending vertically. Place a large silk topiary over the fireplace in the corner. On the other hand, establish a favorite sculpture or another large, unique piece of artwork. For this, the upward gaze will be used. You can also lean towards a long mirror, high against the corner, with the base of the mirror resting on the fireplace.

Ideas for luxury fireplaces decoration tips, this creates a visual balance through the mantelpiece without repeating any decorative objects. Balancing does not mean using the same four vases to put at equal distances through the chimney. Instead, choose three objects that are related in some way. For example, a wooden vase, bowl and carved candelabrum. Place these objects on one end of the mantelpiece. These are the three. Then, at the other end of the ledge, place a large object that has the same visual impact as the other three. In this case, a large clock in the wooden fireplace would balance the other objects very well.

Dress up your luxury fireplaces from the corner of the seasons. In the fall, place a large pumpkin in the back corner, and run a wreath of colored autumn silk leaves on top of the fireplace. In the winter, consider placing a cheerful snowman lit in the back corner surrounded by a wreath of evergreens. Celebrate spring with a tall vase full of flowering tree branches, such as cherry branches, dogwood branches or even a bouquet of willow blossoms. Cool off in the summer heat with some beach themed decor, like shells placed in front of a mirror and some small candles in glass bowls filled with sand.

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