Mounting Fireplace Beam Mantel

Awesome Fireplace Beam Mantel

Fireplace beam mantel styles often look good with a beam style robe shelf. A mantle shelf is a mantle that does not have support legs or even visible support braces. In many cases the jacket looks like it is embedded in the wall or supported by brick or stone fireplace surround. In reality, most jacket shelves or beams are installed over wooden studs that are mounted on the wall. Measure the width of your fireplace beam mantel. A surround is often 12 to 18 inches wide and it surrounds the fireplace. Measure the available width of your mantle if the stove has windows or built-in closets close to each side.


Cut a piece of cardboard the size of your mantle and tap it on the wall at different heights. Many fireplace beam mantel have a jacket between 3/1 to 2/1 of the height of the wall. If you have high walls, the mantle should be placed because it is for the fireplace, not the wall height. Usually you can find a good place by experimenting with your cardboard pattern. Highlight the height. Center the fireplace beam mantel at the height you wish. Cut a 2 of 4-inch board width of this hollow. This board is called a button. Measure from each end of the jacket to where the hollow area begins and transfer this measurement to the wall.

Measure the thickness of the wood above the hollow and mark this on the wall. This shows the location of the button. Place and center the fireplace beam mantel in your places. If you screw into a brick wall, drill a 2-by-4-inch test hole onboard and screw a 21/2-inch concrete screw through the flat 4-inch side of the board and into the brick. Do not screw into the brick as bricks will become stronger. If you screw the plaster, use a 3-inch trundle screw. Keep your button level and screw additional screws every 12 inches along the button. Place the beam so that it fits over the knee and sets up with wall tracking. Make the beam close to the wall.

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