New Models Of Montigo Fireplace

Cool Montigo Fireplace

Montigo fireplace – In our article today we have some very original images with ideas that show different types of chimneys for the home. Previously the chimneys were exclusive to rural areas but things have changed. In recent years more and more urban households have a fireplace. New models of gas or electric have been added for easy adaptation to the peculiarities of each home to traditional wood fireplaces. In this way the chimneys no longer only serve the function of heating and distributing the heat correctly but they are also part of the modern home decoration.

The chimneys are distinguished according to the type of fuel used to fuel the fire. The most traditional version is the wood or coal fireplaces that guarantee hot days and nights every winter. What makes them less practical is that they must comply with construction requirements and have a works license for their installation. There are two options of wood montigo fireplace, some are open and others are closed, which are much safer. The doors of the closed chimneys are made of glass. Wood fireplaces are recommended for homes because in addition to uniformly heating all the plants in the house, it maintains that heat for longer than heating.

The most current models that exist are gas or electric montigo fireplace. The installation of these chimneys is much easier and simple and you should only have a smoke outlet. There are many different designs that can be put even in the middle of a room. The maintenance of these chimneys is less expensive since it is not necessary to clean them after each use. Within the types of chimneys we have to pause in the bioethanol chimneys. In recent years, thanks to his designs, he has gained ground. Added to its modern image another reason is precisely its sustainability. It is not about types of chimneys that use traditional fuels.

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