Painting Fireplace Doors: To Paint Brass Fireplace Doors

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Now that spring is approaching and the desire to renew your home is strong. Painting fireplace doors can be a winning decision to give a completely new look to what is the focal point of the living area. If your brass fireplace doors have been dingy and stained, or are you just ready for a change, painting them is a fairly simple weekend project. Your doors can be solid brass or brass. Coated steel a magnet will not stick to solid brass but in either case the process is the same. Taking the doors off will probably be a longer task than doing the painting itself. And aerosol spray boxes will do short process with the painting.

To painting fireplace doors brass, starting with remove doors and frames. Two, dismantle the doors as much as possible. If they have black chain or mesh curtains, these will probably be attached to a single bracket for the frame. Three, clean the fireplace doors well with acetone and a finalizing sponge. This removes soot buildup and oil; using grinding sponges for cleaning doors will grind the surface at the same time. So that the paint fits well. Wipe the surfaces with a clean dry cloth. Fourth, mask what you cannot remove, such as glass fronts. Use masking tape and newspaper to just cover the glass on both sides.

Fifth, lay the fireplace doors on clean drop cloths or cardboard. Sixth, spray the doors with metal aerosol primer. There are several types of prizes; Paint and primer you use must be compatible. Apply more light coats instead of one or two heavy jackets, until the brass is hidden. Seventh, apply multiple coats with paint in the same way you used primer. Eight, apply a layer of clear protective sealant to a glossy, scratch resistant surface. Not all spray paint requires this step. Last, install and install painting fireplace doors after they have dried for 24 hours.

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