Peninsula Gas Fireplace Or We Called Three Way Fireplace

3 Sided Peninsula Gas Fireplace

A warm and cozy fire adds atmosphere to a room like no other device in a home. A fireplace serves as a focal point and anchors a room. It sets up a scene to welcome guests to parties and entertaining. Also enjoying time with family members and for unwinding, relaxing or just spending time reading a book, watching a movie or watching the snow fall on a winter night. The mood and effect of a fireplace giver can be multiplied and tripled in how it is enjoyed when you take design ideas to build a peninsula gas fireplace to service more living space areas.

A three-way fireplace or peninsula gas fireplace that stretches out of a wall is called a peninsula. Think of it as a rectangular “U” shape. A peninsula can be created in a home with an existing fireplace that is not in a corner. But rather in a room that will allow an area to be built for three-way viewing. The central location will be required to achieve a three-way effect because parallel walls are to be built. The peninsula can be created from floor to ceiling or shoulder height to create a modern cloak area for decorative elements or a hill with hors d’oeuvres.

Restoring a three-way from an existing fireplace will require high professional consultations, licenses, permits and construction. These to ensure that the right chimney ventilation is achieved and adding or moving the chimney will be required. With peninsula gas fireplace you can enjoy these fireplaces from all angles in your room. Place a peninsula between kitchens and attached dining area. To complement the design of this fireplace, install against stone, marble or ceramic tiles. Three side’s fireplaces, often called peninsula fireplaces, add a home a bit dramatically. Build the pattern symmetrically. The pattern should be the same around the fireplace on all three sides.

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