Practical But Also Very Decorative Patio Fireplace

Brick Patio Fireplace

Patio fireplace – A project to take into account if you want to improve your patio is the installation of a fireplace. It may seem a bit strange to install an element so typical of the interior of the houses in the exterior of the house, but it is not only practical but also very decorative. A fireplace in the living or dining area of ​​your patio or terrace will allow you to extend the time of use of it. Being by the fire when it begins to refresh is rewarding and magical. As we will see in most cases, outdoor chimneys are usually covered with stone tiles.

In this case, it has been done in a very discreet way so that fire is the main protagonist. To enhance the atmosphere and give life and color has been preferred to dip into the red upholstery of the sofa and armchairs. On this occasion, tiles have been chosen as an ornamental and coordinating element. A nice place to be and cook to the mor of the fire. Another example of mimicry, the patio fireplace thus becomes part of the house itself and the environment is very bright by the choice of color of stone and furniture. Stone, fire and vegetation form a magnificent combination.

It has created a fantastic environment to enjoy relaxed. Sophisticated and elegant large fireplace located at the perfect height to enjoy patio fireplace while enjoying a family meal. A perfect outdoor recreation area that has a living, dining and kitchen area. The fireplace is complemented by a matching oven so that family or friends gatherings are tasty.  The porch of the house can be an ideal place to install an outdoor fireplace. In addition to complementing the decoration in this case also acts as a dividing and preserving element of privacy to be located at the edge of the house.

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