Salvaged Fireplace Mantels: Warmth To The Environment

Corner Salvaged Fireplace Mantels

Salvaged fireplace mantels – Well if yours is a work or buy new, will be the focal point of the room, so it should be consistent with the rest of the decorative style you have, although the most trends are the industrial type. Having a fireplace in your living room is very fashionable and becomes the main character when the cold arrives. The fireplace is an element of decoration that brings warmth to the environment where it is located and is the focal point of many rooms because meetings are usually organized around it.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that the decoration will vary depending on the type of fireplace you choose or have. If you opt for a bioethanol or electric, having metallic lines blends perfectly with the modern and minimalist style. In this case, you get a warm atmosphere with neutral tones on the walls and some elements such as curtains or cushions to contrast with the metal ones in the salvaged fireplace mantels. The gas give the atmosphere an even more modern touch, so you can choose to decorate the room in industrial style with metal lamps and gray tones in the accessories.

For a Nordic style, white and wood will be in textiles and furniture. The advantage that these types of chimneys have is that you can have them both in small spaces and in open-concept ones. In contrast, to have a classic or rustic style in your living room, nothing better than a salvaged fireplace mantel with embouchure, which are those of a lifetime, or cast iron? These are perfect for large rooms and cottages, the styles being more classic or vintage, although they can also be tuned to the modern one if you paint them in the same tone as the walls.

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