Simple Yet Elegant Look Craftsman Fireplace

Bamboo Craftsman Fireplace

Craftsman fireplace – We left a bit of modernity, and came to a dining room decorated in classical style, with its high ceilings, its walls carved in plaster, and a mirror with a golden frame giving a contrast to so much white tone. The fireplace follows the decorative line of the room, and is decorated with moldings and soft curved lines. The smoke outlet is hidden behind the wall, and unless a modern heating system is installed, it is ideal to be fed with firewood, although it would be good to see where the trunks could be stored without dirtying the elegant floor.

The problem of having to have a smoke outlet is solved with the use of other fuels to feed the chimney. Here we see a model of bioethanol, a fuel that does not generate smoke or produce odors, with a very low consumption of carbon dioxide. In fact, what it emits is water vapor. The problem is that, compared to traditional stoves, bioethanol have lower warmth, so you have to resort to other forms of heating if the room is too large. But what can not be denied is that the presence of this craftsman fireplace seems like a painting in motion, perfectly integrated into the wall.

This model, a modern ceramic salamander, occupies little surface and makes it ideal for small environments. The coating material safely radiates heat throughout the room, and the smoke outlet rises discreetly to the outside, without taking up too much space. Another example of a bioethanol fireplace, but this time, in a modern design created by the Italian studio Love the Sign. The red structure, reminiscent of the reflective triangles of the car, breaks the traditional rectangular design of traditional craftsman fireplace, giving a fun touch to the minimalism of the room.

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