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Firerock fireplaces – There is nothing like a crackling fire to warm the body and soul during the night of a cold winter. But while most homeowners do not give their chimney construction a second thought, if you are thinking about having a new one built or an older one replaced, you may want to consider a fire-made rock. Rock fire is a product made with volcanic pumice and calcium illuminates and used in the manufacture of new chimneys, low consumption. The ingredients that make up the fire rock are used for a particular reason: They reflect the heat towards the living space. This keeps more of the heat generated by the fireplace inside the house, instead of letting it float down the chimney.

When a traditional firerock fireplaces is constructed of brick and mortar by an expert mason, its effectiveness and quality depend entirely on Mason. Such chimneys can be very expensive and take a long time to complete. Fire stone fireplaces are built with specially manufactured components so that they can be assembled in a fraction of the time. In addition, because they are built to fit perfectly, there is less heat loss through the entire structure. Regular chimneys made of brick and mortar absorbs heat, which actually causes bricks and mortar to expand and contract with temperature variation. With so many fluctuations, these types of chimneys can break down fairly quickly, which requires expensive repairs.

Because the firerock fireplaces are refractory, the materials do not absorb heat, but reflect back into the house. There are no structural fluctuations with the fire rock, which allows it to last longer. As you refer to the cost, a rock fire fireplace in general, half the price of a traditional fireplace built by a mason. Due to the properties of fire rock, many different types of outer sheet can be applied, for a truly original appearance. Fire stone fireplaces can be built in half the time it takes to build a regular fireplace. This is because each section of the chimney is pre-built to fit perfectly together during installation. The result is a fast and error-free installation.

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