Special Structure Of Reclaimed Wood Fireplace

DIY Reclaimed Wood Fireplace

Reclaimed wood fireplace – The wood fireplaces correspond to the most classic models of fireplaces, are composed of a special structure capable of withstanding the heat and with a duct that allows the smoke of the consumed firewood to rise so that the environment inside the house stays perfectly warm and you can stand the cold days. But sometimes, many people forget the decoration of this space that houses the whole family in winter and that becomes the center of attention on cold nights. Therefore, below, we offer you the best ideas to decorate wood fireplaces, so that they always look perfect.

An excellent way to decorate the reclaimed wood fireplace is with flowers around it, it is best to keep the flowers in a ceramic or glass vase, avoid metallic vases that can be heated with steam from the fire and damage the flower quickly. While, the vases of ceramic or glass conserve the flowers better, this vase can be placed on the mantelpiece or on both sides. Another nice option is to decorate with flowers on the lower sides positioning the vases on the floor. Always remember to keep the flowers fresh, because a good flower arrangement depends a lot on the state in which they are kept.

A wood-burning fireplace in the living room with a romantic touch.  As indicated above, reclaimed wood fireplace are the ideal place to house the family and share with friends next to the fire. So, an excellent way to decorate chimneys is with family photographs, you can place them in porta-portraits of similar frames or with shades of combinable frames. There, you can place holiday photos, pictures of the birth of children, pictures of marriage and many more that allow us to remember the best moments that the family has spent and that they always want to remember, especially on those cold days.

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