Types Of Fireplaces Interior Decoration

Types Of Fireplaces Rustic

Types Of Fireplaces – For some unknown reason, the collective imaginary relates the heat of the home to the existence of a chimney. Perhaps it is that the fire transmits an idea of family environment since our ancestors gathered around it after hunting and gathering. Be that as it may, the fact is that when we think of an afternoon or a cold winter weekend we imagine ourselves in front of a fireplace. And few are the ones who would not want to have a living room or even a bedroom with a fireplace. If you are one of those lucky ones who not only has in mind to install one but is already thinking about it.

You have to keep in mind that not all chimneys cover the same needs and do not need the same requirements. The types of fireplaces are composed of a lining with a stone or refractory brick interior. The ones that are integrated are very decorative. To do this, you must extend the technique of wall painting on the embouchure of the fireplace. For example, coated in a light color. Remember that in any case, your installation requires work. If you want to take advantage of the heat generated by the fire in the fireplace, you can get a gas. To enjoy the warmth of the fire and flames with the efficiency and comfort of gas.

They are installed in new or existing coatings and require electrical and gas connections. Another option also warm and very simple is the metal types of fireplaces because they are installed easily and without works, they only need a connection to the smoke outlet. In addition, the versatility of the metal allows a wide variety of designs and shapes for all tastes and decorative environments. There are them to place back-to-back on the wall. But also exempt, to have a vision of fire by several faces. Those that have a home or insert inside keep the heat longer.

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