Warm Empire Fireplace In Several Models

Brick Empire Fireplace

Empire fireplace – When there is a lot of air in the street, we usually remember how important it is to have a hat or hat in our fireplace. One that is suitable for the characteristics of this. If you are installing your new fireplace or have not yet put one, what hat for fireplace to buy? They are all the same? What are the differences if there are several models? The first thing you should know is that there are several types of hats, and not all work the same. That said; let’s talk about the differences between one and the other.

This type of terminations is practically not used in chimneys, since they do not have protection against the wind. Which means that when it’s a lot of air you can put the smoke back through the tube. Therefore, today they are only used for smoke extractors in kitchens or gas empire fireplace. There is a variant of this hat that has an antirrevoco system . A sheet that covers the sides, and that to a certain degree block the action of the wind. The good thing is that by not having movement you do not have to go up to do maintenance, as with other models.

Called like this because when the wind blows, some blades move, increasing the shot and helping it to pass through the chimney pipe when leaving through the roof. Empire fireplace are recommended in installations in which the smoke does not come out well and you can not place a higher shot, since the air activates the hat and sucks outwards effectively. The main drawback is that you have to keep them well greased . The dust and ashes that rise with the smoke can make it not move well. In addition to producing a very annoying noise when the cap rotates on its axis.

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