White Brick Fireplace Decor

White Brick Fireplace With Black Mantle

White Brick Fireplace – The fire element in feng shui will bring excitement, passion, spontaneity and a better reputation if handled properly, but if mismanaged it can create too much energy for people to relax, argument and even fire risks. Since fire also symbolizes income in feng shui, see where your home fireplace can help increase your cash flow. The best location for the fireplace is in the North-East. This will heat the cold yin energy from the north and also feed the soil energy that matches the fire in the North-East. The next best positions for fireplaces include East, Southeast and South-West.

In fact, there’s a good chance here because this direction is all good for the family room as well, and white brick fireplace is usually the focal point of the living room, the one thing you see first as the main retaining element of the room. People also usually gather around fireplaces, especially on cold winter nights, and a crackling fire can be a good way to lure people out of their rooms to share in some family time. While the direction near the south is good for fireplaces, be careful to have white brick fireplace in the south of the house (which is also a good place for a very active living space) because you will be concentrating too much energy in this part of the house and you will be risking fire is real and uncontrollable.

If you have a fireplace in the southern part of your house, or even on the south side of a room, you can reduce its effect by adding a water element. Water does not have to be exactly water – anything black or blue, with wavy lines or anything made of glass, can manifest the water element and slightly lower your fire. The nearby bathrooms also offer water energy. If white brick fireplace you are not in either of these directions, there are a number of things you can do to make up for that placement mistake. Placing a large mirror across the room from the fireplace will double the fire energy, and also gives you the ability to have a second “fire” coming from the direction you want from the fire.

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